Topic: “How We Treat People”

New Employee

What New Employees Crave

My first job as a software engineer was at an agency where the quality never really mattered. All we were asked to do was to crank out as many websites as we could for as little effort as possible. My boss, who was also the… Read More »

No Jerks

Brilliant Jerks Cost More Than They Are Worth

As a software engineer, I worked on a small team of mostly less experienced engineers on a new product. As part of our process to ensure the highest quality, we agreed to review each others code before allowing any of it to go out to… Read More »

The Servant Leader

What is Servant Leadership?

If you’re like me, you probably recoiled just a little at the phrase “servant leadership”. After all, who really wants to be a servant? We’re in leadership positions because we’ve got a knack forĀ leading, notĀ groveling. My initial thought was that if I went out of… Read More »

Human Beings, Not Robotic Resources

We Are Human Beings, Not Robots

Time for a critical self-check here. This is a critical self-check that we should all go through periodically: When you look at your team, what do you see? Do you see a group of people that can be moved around interchangeably in order to meet… Read More »

Seek First to Understand

Seek First to Understand

When you’re put into a leadership role, its easy to assume that you have all the right answers. You’ve probably been at this for longer and have more experience. You have a higher-level view of where you should be headed as a company. You’ve sat… Read More »