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The Intellectual Immune System

The Intellectual Immune System

The Intellectual Immune System is a term created by Mitch Matthews to describe how we react to ideas that aren’t our own. I ran across his TEDx talk a few months back, and can’t stop thinking about it. It is both brilliant and obvious, and… Read More »

The Amazon Way

The Amazon Way – Book Review

I absolutely love reading, but it wasn’t always that way. All throughout high school, I would fake my way through English class, reading as little as possible. I distinctly remember skimming through chapters as I walked to my Honors English class in high school, knowing… Read More »

Effective One-On-Ones

Effective One-On-Ones: A Strategy Guide

Effective one-on-ones are crucial to being a manager that people can depend on, but they’re not only for managers. Tech leads, squad leads, or leads of any kind should take advantage of one-on-ones to ensure they stay on the same page with their team. They can be intimidating… Read More »

Don't Be a Seagull

Managers and Seagulls

Bad managers and seagulls have a lot in common. Seagulls are bad. Nobody likes them, and you should avoid being one. I’ll explain why, but first let me add some context: Before I was promoted into management, I led a small team as their technical… Read More »

Good, Fast, or Cheap: Pick Two

Good, Fast, or Cheap: Pick Two

When it comes to building products (or anything, really), there is an old saying: You can build it fast, cheap, and high quality, but you can’t have all three at once. You can have all three eventually, but the first version of the product can… Read More »

More Important to Be Right

It’s More Important To Be Right Than Nice

You will always achieve better long-term results by getting people to follow you out of respect rather than fear. Managers who don’t know how to motivate their people often resort to fear or threats because they don’t know what else to do. They will undoubtedly achieve their… Read More »

Get Team Buy-In

Always Always Always Get Team Buy-In

The reality is that teams can’t always get to do what they want to. Despite their best intentions, they just don’t have the 50,000 foot view required to know why one thing might be more important than another. We tell teams that we want them… Read More »

The Curse of Knowledge

The Curse of Knowledge

Here’s a fun little experiment you can try with the team: Think of a well-known song that anyone would know. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, for example. Now, without telling anyone what song it is, tap it out with your finger or clap the rhythm. See if… Read More »

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